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In the early 1970’s, approached by a Textile Mill in Mariakerke, Belgium, J.Clark & Company embarked upon a new venture.

It was the manufacture of a very distinctive comb. This comb, used for teasing matted wool fibres, had to be, in every way, perfect. A distinctive design, manufactured using only the best raw materials and finishes, this dog comb became a world renowned success. From supplying this very individual range of combs, a whole new market was opened up for us. Pet Combs

Professional_Grooming_Combs.jpeg Professional Grooming Combs


For over forty years now,

J.Clark & Company have been manufacturing and supplying renowned distributors in the pet comb industry throughout the World with the best quality metal-backed combs.


From the standard pet comb market right through to the Professional Grooming Combs, we are entirely committed to quality.




Every one of our combs is manufactured on site, by hand, still using the traditional methods from many years ago. We acquire only the best quality brass backs, and use only specially made British-made rounded teeth.

  • To ensure that every pet comb is capable of longevity in its’ purpose, and performs precisely as it should, each one is meticulously hand inspected for straight lines, teeth stability, and uninterrupted pitches.
  • This scrupulous process ascertains a comb which has straight, uniform teeth that will not bend or pull out, consistent spacing and no irregular lengths.


combs_teeth.jpeg Examples of the teeth in our combs
Grooming_Combs.jpeg Professional Grooming Combs





We produce many types of comb, in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can manufacture any length of drilled combs with flat, round, square and hexagonal backs, can produce many teeth lengths or combinations, and a variety of finishes.

If a customer requires a Bespoke Dog Comb (With Stamped Personalisation) or an Exclusively Designed Cat Comb with Gold or Silver Plate, we can create it.




We welcome diversity to our existing ranges and embrace the prospect of contemporary and individual designs.


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