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Lice and Flea Combs

Innovation in the early 1980’s brought the demand for Plastic Lice and Flea combs into our range of products.


With the determination to satisfy our customers and our approach to quality, we perfected the art of moulding parallel stainless steel teeth into plastic.





Huge quantities of these combs have been made by us and sold globally, to many prominent market names, and all are content with the assurance that with our stringent inspection policies and employment of the best quality raw materials, they receive a service second to none.




Having gained the technology to manufacture the combs in plastic, we were soon approached to develop a closer-toothed comb for the treatment of head lice. Spanning more than thirty years, we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of quality lice combs, in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and designs and have supplied to leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.



All our combs display accurately spaced straight, even teeth, obtained from a well-established UK manufacturer.

Having explored the diversity available in this field, and through many trials, we worked hard alongside our pin manufacturer, and have ingeniously developed combs that now encompass consistently rounded teeth.

Made from highly polished & robust stainless steel, they are wholly rounded on the tips.

The polishing process of these special teeth takes a whole ten days to ensure accurate rounding.


This benefit allows the comb to slide into and penetrate the hair without snagging or scratching and damaging the scalp.



quality_lice_combs.jpeg Examples of the Accuracy & Quality of Our Lice Combs





Over the decades, we have developed all the required skills to be able to guarantee quality, hard-wearing British Made combs at competitive prices.




As always, we are willing to quote & supply on small orders as well as large quantities, in chosen colour, material or specification and samples are available where required.

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