Precision Made, Quality Pinned Products


Together, with the drilling, pinning and moulding skills ascertained over many years, we are able to supply a multitude of intricate pinned products and services.



We supply to many industries across the globe woth Quality Pinned Products.



Please see below, a few of the existing Pinned Products and Services we currently offer 


These are merely a few examples of components we provide.

Example of our pinning capability.

This reinforced Nylon Perforation Unit features 3 Intersecting Rows of 0.24mm (33’s WG) Diameter Pins. The moulding tolerance on this perforator must be to minus .01mm / minus .02mm, with crucial over centres for the fixing holes. The 3 rows of 33's WG Pins must all be impeccably aligned and all dispay equal needle projection.

This 50.6 mm x 2mm Moulded Pinned Combing Part used in the carpet manufacturing industry has 2 Rows (1mm Apart) of Ø 0.62mm Pins (@ 9 Pins Per Inch).

This component is manufactured from a particular reinforced base material, and pinned with the best quality steel German needles.

As with most of our Pinned Products, measurements must be exact, and pinning strength critical. 

These CZ121 Brass Needle Bars (Pinned Reeds) are used In The Tobacco Preparation Industry.


In order to accommodate the flat pins (24 Pins Per Inch – Needles 15 x 24 x 1.5/8”), the brass bars must be drilled and then expertly cut. Our drilling capability is a skill that takes decades to acheive. With no room for error, the flat pins must hold securely in the brass bar, so drills are hand-made to suit individual pin sizes. The cutting process involves a series of hand-made 'cutters' that increase in length and width. The series which can often involve a sequence of 20 different cutters, are then used painstakingly and methodically to cut the holes to the exact size.  


Various Examples of Our Drilling Capability

To the right, this is an example of A Drilled 'Small Circle' which was used in the Wool Preparation Industry. This was pinned with both round and flat needles and used on the well known 'Noble Comb' 

The parts on left of the picture show examples of Extruder Die Plates. The one in the center displays triangular holes.

Drilled_Pinned.jpeg Carpet Plates, Pin Plates, Thibeau Rings & Brushes
Pinned_Strips.jpeg Pinned Strips, Including GV12 Inserts for Woolcombing
Drilling.jpeg C.N.C Milling & Drilling Facility, & Tool Making, Jigs, Fixtures & Fittings
Locating Holes Moulded into the Product Moulded Almeter Inserts
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