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We offer you a wide range of British Made quality products and helpful solutions at competitive prices.


Our company manufactures and ships only the highest quality goods to all our valued customers, both new and old.



If your product or innovation has a pin, we can manufacture it.


From Research & Development right through to finished, quality part, we can help.


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions. Please contact us and discover all we have to offer.


Our qualified staff look forward to working with you.



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Hot Needle Perforation  Cold Needle Perforation   Pinned Wheels Embossing Wheels

Spinning Gills   Combing spare Parts Roller Pinned Segments 
Precision Pinned Products Wet Spun Linen Perforating Wheels
 Hand Rollers Machinery Pinned Parts  Pet Combs  Spiked Rollers  Embossing Rollers
Flax Combing Spares  Hand Held PERFORATING ROLLERS

Perforation Sleeves  Pharmaceutical Combs perforating wheels  Woolcombing Spares  Hackling Systems   Brass & Plastic Gills Plastic Nygills FX Gills  Professional Grooming Combs

Quality Pet Combs Made In England Handheld perforator

Pinned Sleeves For Perforation    Replacement Pinned Rollers Rotary Pin Perforation

Racing Tire Needler  

Dough Dockers for pizza

lay up tools

wallpape​r micro-perforating

conveyer belt splicing

pinned wheels

pinned collars


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