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J Clark & Company manufacture and supply various

Pinned Rollers which are used for a range of applications.

We have supplied many professions worldwide with our Pinned Rollers, gaining over forty years experience in this field

We are able to both manufacture and, invariably, repair Pinned Rollers in either Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium Alloy bases and can drill and pin any pitch, pin gauge (As small as 27’s wire), with straight or intersecting rows, and with diamond, square or spiral patterns.

Our spiked rollers can be manufactured in Heat Treated material for Hot Perforation, or quality CZ121 & Steel for cold perforation.

These include all perforators for both packaging & wrapping films in the Food Industry, Rubber Perforation, Composite Perforation Films, Heavy-duty Rag-tearing rollers, small micro-perforators, tyre perforation and many more.

Perforation.jpeg Hot Needle Perforation Example
Interlocking_Perforators.jpeg Interlocking Perforators




All of our rollers can be supplied as a single unit, or as a series of pattern-matching inter-locking units for lengthier applications.





Lengthy Rollers are often replaced at a very high cost, and many customers convert to pinned segments that can be modified to fit any machine.

The locating holes on each segment match precisely, so there are no interruptions in pattern and, by using this method, should only one segment be damaged in process, only that unit needs repair or replacement, rather than the entire roller

Superior quality & accurate Hand Perforation Units can also be supplied for either test purposes or manual perforation. We can manufacture 2 different types of Handheld Rollers. Single Handled for perforation widths up to 100mm, or a rolling pin type for applications up to 300mm. Both types are supplied with working bearings and are interchangeable for pattern testing.

Hand_Perforator.jpeg Hand Perforator
Single Handle Perforation Unit

Bespoke Hand Held Perforators & Spiked Rollers

Various Examples of Our Quality Hand Perforators

  • Effectively, we can be versatile in any customer's individual requirements, promising Precision, Service and Sensible Pricing.


  • With many years of experience in precision drilling, our highly skilled staff take pride in producing these quality parts with absolute accuracy.


  • Our drills are uniquely hand-made to suit individual pin gauges, hence none of our pins necessitate the need for glue and therefore improve the grip in the hole.


As with most of our products, we use only the best base materials, including CZ121 Brass, Heat-treated for hot perforation, or untreated for cold and the finest quality pins manufactured in Germany to DIN ISO 9904 standard.

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