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J.Clark & Company produce a full range of quality spare parts for the preparation of Flax, Jute and Sisal Fibre.

For Roving and Drawing needs, we supply Brass, Steel or Plastic Gills, used on an array of preparatory machinery.

Bomatex, Bolelli, Mackie, Linimpianti, Gardella, Golden Eagle, Tongda, Dacheng & many more, including individual pin configurations

All of our Gills are manufactured on site in England, using only the best quality base materials and exclusive needles manufactured in Germany to DIN ISO 9904 standard.

Our precision Gills can be manufactured to any customers’ specification, to an indicated tolerance, and with any chosen pinning requirement

We supply the following base materials.

We Supply The Following Base Materials

All of our gills are manufactured using the best quality materials


For maximum durability and Enviromentally-Friendly. (For fitting to existing steel fallers, and used in early fibre preparation machinery, such as ‘Gardella’, Mackie, Linimpianti and Bomatex)

These are available in either single or double rows and from Approximately 2.5ppi to 12ppi using from 9’s gauge pins to 19’s.

Should a customer prefer brass/steel gills for 2nd, 3rd, 4th Drawing Frames and Roving Machinery, (Ideal for manual repair,) we would be only too willing to supply.


Though still durable, the advantage of using this base material is its’ flexibility for both colour-coding and cost effectiveness.

We supply this base in any colour to any specification.

A Colour chart is available.


Our disposable Carbon Fibre nygills have a highly resilient base with the added benefit of being extremely electro-conductive.

This reduces dust collection, therefore improving production and yarn quality.

Since our material suppliers only offer carbon fibre in BLACK colour, we do not offer our carbon fibre nygills colour coded

We hold tooling for over six hundred different types of Plastic Gills and Nygills, including both standard (Drilled with Rivet Fixation Holes, the rivets which we can also supply) and ‘T’ Shape (Flanged) Gills (For Glued Fixation)

All are available in both metric and imperial sizes and with either one or two pin row specifications.

We can also supply gills fitted with an optional central rivet if required.

Our tooling is skilfully manufactured on site, so modern-day nygill specifications are always welcome

For request for quotation / ordering purposes, our gill questionnaire forms are enclosed on the following links -


T-Shape Enquiry Form       and         Brass/Plastic Gill Enquiry


Please ensure to give as many details as possible in order that we can process your enquiry / order quickly and efficiently.

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