• J.Clark & Company’s range of Hackle Combs represent all types of pinning requirements, from ‘U’ shaped ‘Duck-Bill’ pins at 1/6” pins per inch, to the finest 0.40mm Diameter pins at 45 pins per inch. 
  • We manufacture Hackle Combs for traditional machinery, including ‘Mackie’ and the more modern ‘Linimpianti’ Hackle Frames. 
  • We offer these components in various lengths (08”, 09”, 10”, 11”, 12” and 13”) with alternate Needle Lengths (1”, 1.1/8”, and 1.1/4”), and can supply both round or flat pins.


  • Usually, we produce Hackle Combs for coarse hackling operation (1/6 Pins per Inch To 12ppi) upon where holes are drilled through a solid aluminium body at required density, and needles fitted in order to suit required needle length. This method allows the customer to undertake repairs to broken pins when necessary.
  • For finer hackling operations, (14ppi To 45ppi) we recommend our Aluminium Hackle Stocks fitted with disposable nylon inserts. We manufacture both 'Linimpianti Hackles' & Chinese-Type 'Fx' Hackles Inserts.
  • More often supplied with round pins, we do, however, manufacture using flat pins if preferred. In addition, for colour-coding purposes, we are able to supply in any colour.

All our hackles are manufactured in England, on site, using only the best quality base materials and superior needles manufactured in Germany to DIN ISO 9904 standard.

For request for quotation / ordering purposes, our Hackle Enquiry questionnaire form is on the following link -




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